Allama Iqbal Open University Iqbal Open University is also known as AIOU ““. AIOU is a Public Research University based in Islamabad, Pakistan. AIOU was established back in the year 1974, then being the Asia’s first Open University with an aim of providing quality distance education.

The University provides a fabulous opportunity to common people and students who cannot afford extravagant higher education in many of Pakistan’s government and private sector universities. The university holds a record of world’s 4th largest institution of higher learning. AIOU enrols about 1.2 million students every year in different courses offered. The range of courses extends from simple Arts to complicated subjects like Computer Sciences And Physics etc.

One of the most prominent facts about AIOU is that majority of its students are Females, this gives us a clear vision of the university that it not only aims to teach people at low costs but also wants to empower women. University possesses 32 Regional Campuses and Centres spread evenly throughout the country.

Admission – Allama Iqbal Open University

Getting Admission in Allama Iqbal Open University “” is not a very tough thing to do. In fact, the University’s administration has made quite easy. You either visit any of the 32 regional campuses and offices or you can apply online too. For online admission form, you should visit AIOU’s Official Website and apply according to the official needs with your academic certificates.

AIOU Examinations

Examinations are one of the most important tasks of a student’s life and are also one of the most hated things too. Examination evaluates an average of what the student actually learned in the course and how much did they actually understand what was taught to them. AIOU has also kept its standards and holds examinations of various types all over the year to keep students motivated. Some of the exams of AIOU can be given online while sitting at home but some major ones are taken in regional campuses and centres. You can find details about the examination needs and processes here “”.

Datesheet – Allama Iqbal Open University

Date sheets are a major player in smooth running of institutions and examinations. AIOU also keeps to the standards and manages the issuance of Date sheets very well and in an organized manner. Date sheets of AIOU’s examinations are issued well before the examination time, most of the times a month before examinations start.  The date sheets are published on the official website of AIOU that is “”.

AIOU Results

Results are the part of the students’ life that evaluates if the degree is to be awarded to them or not. This is a tradition followed by every institution in the world. AIOU also keeps well with the tradition and manages every aspect of it very smoothly.

The results are announced as per the schedule of the University. AIOU has a dedicated portion of results on their website where the most recently announced results are published. Published results can be found here “”.

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