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Names of vegetables: A vegetable is an important factor that is produced by plants for the human so, that they can survive we cannot live without vegetables. Vegetables are just like dried plants that I grew in the earth, bushes and trees wand when it becomes ripe then it is plucked out form tress and cooked as a food.  For every season vegetables are different and used for specific time.

Names of Vegetables and Source

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Marrow vegetables
  • Root vegetables
  • Bulb an stem vegetables
  • Sea vegetables
  • Salad vegetables

Names of Vegetables in English with Picture

Asparagus: Asparagus is the type of vegetable that has no proper shape but in the form of long bushes but it makes a very delicious dish with an unusual shape. Asparagus is considered the best vegetables that control different disease even it is a good source of vitamin and nutrients also take very important to control and flow the blood.


Aubergine: Different kinds of Aubergine vegetables are available that is same as a taste but different in shapes like an oval shape, circle shape etc. Aubergine has flat and shiny purple skin with one green cap on it. It is always growing on the bushes and in American, it is known as eggplant because some types of Aubergine Is look like a large egg.


Broccoli: Broccoli is the type of cabbage that consists of green leaves and it can eat as cooked or without cooking. It looks very beautiful because it is in the form of flower head shape. Sometimes it followers green or sometimes it leaves as a purple. But it is used especially for salad or decoration.



Brussels sprout: Brussels sprout is just like a tiny cabbage that is grown on the long stalk and gathered with each other. This contains all types of vitamins and most necessary for those people who lake of vitamins. Vitamin C is overloaded in the Brussels sprout.



Carrot: Carrot is also a type of vegetable that is grown underground and mostly used for salad. Carrots are so crunchy you can use it as the juice that is very important for dehydration. Carrots play an important role in our eyes and keep healthy and nourish our skin. This also contains a larger quantity of beta-carotene.



Garlic: Garlic is one of the forms of vegetables that can help to take some breath. Garlic is used in different ways and can be used as a bulb it is also grown as a plant for the underground. In our daily, we used garlic such as to cook the food garlic play an important role to change the taste.



Mushroom: Mushroom is a type of vegetables that are used to make the salad such as in Russian salad we used as the vegetables, not as the fruit. It is preservative you can stay it for 4 or 5 there will be no harmful effect to store it for short period of time.  Mushrooms are very tasty for food and it taste Is like an egg and garlic tomato sauce.



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