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Names of Fruits in English With Pictures - PakNtsNames of Fruits: Fruit is an essential part of our life that plays an important role in a large portion of the diet. Fruit is the seed that that consists of flowering plants and grown on the earth, trees and as a plant and then pluck out from a tree that can be eaten as a food. Fruit is the sweet testing plant with the product of different.



Names of Fruits and Types

According to the fruits classification, it is dived into major group’s fruit can be eaten as a raw, frozen, stewed and cooked or also in form of dried.

  • Simple Fruits
  • Aggregate Fruits
  • Multiple Fruits
  • False Fruits
  • Accessory Fruits

Names of Fruits with Pictures

Apple: Different kinds of Apple are grown around the world that is very tasty with sweet and sour taste as well as looks so pretty to see it. You can also store it for later use and also used it in a different way like salad dried apple rings with the golden delicious and pink color.


Apricot: Apricot is the type of fruits that has peach color and very sweet taste to eat it also located and almond on the inner side of Apricot. It contains a lot of fibers and protein that can be eaten fresh or dried with the soft, slightly and furry skin. You can also use it as a lunch box making good snakes with it.


Avocado: Avocado is the pear type and therefore, sometimes it is called an Avocado pear. Sometimes Avocado is considered as the vegetable and sometimes it is known as fruit but it is very important to clear this mistake that Avocado is not any vegetable but it is the fruit but we can use it as a salad decoration to chop it. Avocado is good one’s essential source of as fats.

Banana: Banana is the fruit with the yellow peel off covers and inside it, a nutrition snake type shape is located. Banana contains a large of fibers and energy even that you can use it as breakfast that will be the complete source of energy. You can also use it for your skin that makes your skin glossy, shiny and soft.



Cherry: Cherry is also a type of fruit that looks like as a stone and it is considered the friend of apricot. Cheery is very important for our skin it makes our skin reddish glossy and shiny but it is expensive and it is grown in the form of stalks or pairs and associated with each other. You can also use it as a salad that looks so pretty for decoration with the dark reddish color.

Pear: Pear is the fruit that looks like as the pear even to taste it and it is known as the family of apples but apples are too hard rather to comparison with pear. Pear is type juicy type fruit that can be in yellow, green, and reddish and sometimes in brown color.



Pineapple: Pineapple is like a fruit that is found around the world. It is called pineapple as it is the pine cone shaped that is grown on trees. Pineapple consists of rough peal and in the inner, the pulp of pineapple is located with juice. You can also buy it from the bazaar in packing.


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