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Names Of FlowersNames of Flowers: A flower consist of small plants that contain beautiful colors and different shapes that looks attractive to see it different types of flowers consist of having trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

We can say that flower is the blossom of plants having the reproductive system that attracts the people and birds like a butterfly with the brightly colored. Flowers consist of different parts that make it complete to look beautiful and attractive.

Names Of Flowers in English and Types

  • Stamens
  • Carpels
  • Petals
  • Sepals
  • Receptacle

Names Of Flowers with Pictures

Here we are going to introduced new kinds of flower and their attributes.

Anemone Flower:  The name of Anemone is the ancient name of the Greeks word and contains a variety of colors and season.   The Anemone is a kind of flower that looks like a buttercup that consists of about to be 120 species in a wide range of colors. Anemone is the popular type of Tropical flower that is available in the garden in summer, winter, and spring seasons. It is also known as blue flower because its color is blue.

Amaryllis Flower: Amaryllis is the type of smooth-textured flower with two types having bold red and oranges colors and sometimes it consists of white. The plant of Amaryllis grows from 18 to 24 tall inches. Every plant of Amaryllis has 3 or 4 flowers in one plant. You can grow the Amaryllis plants from both outsides and inside the home.



Aster Flower: Aster is the long type of flower that consists of wild appearance but it looks too attractive in the garden. Aster flower blooms in September seasons which attract the people and insects for a long time.



Azalea Flower: With the imaginative design of rich colors that can be decorated in the garden with the perfect balance having long bushes, trees, and shrubs. Azalea contains attractive colors like orange, pink, purple and red which is too attractive to look.



Camellia Flower: The glossy leaves with the blossoms oil having green leaves and pink petals that is located with one and other is known as Camellia family that is grown in the garden homes, insides and outsides of the areas.



Carnation Flower: One of the most important features of the Carnation plant is that it has the ability to absorb water in their leaves for a specific time. Carnation flower can be red, pink, white, purple, green and more. The popularity of carnation flower is that it is long lasting and stays fresh all time.



Chrysanthemums Flower: The first type of flower that is cultivated in the abroad countries like in China has different families. The Chrysanthemums flower day is also celebrating in the world because it is more popular in the world. It can be grown from outsides and insides the areas.



Daisies Flower: One of the most tropical types of flower that is more popular due to different types of it and also consist of the whole family of plants which is known as Daisy Family. This type of plant is composed of two rows of petals and have the multiple appearances of that is grown own foot tall.


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