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Here you will get the Baby Names Muslim and their meanings. People wish that their baby names are Islamic and distinctive that also impact on the personality of the baby. The name is your identification and the people wants that their identification is unique and on reality base.

Here you will get the Islamic and baby names Muslims that are best for your children according to the Quran and Hadees. The Muslim name is always having a charming personality, good character, and equally valuable in all the Muslim country. Here you will get the popular baby names Muslim in 2018.

List of First Baby Names Muslim

  1. Aqib: The meaning of this name is  “follower” and originated by Arabic.

  1. Aalia: Meaning is “High, Lofty” and begun by Muslims.

  1. Aaqil: First used by the Muslims and meaning is “Wise”.

  1. Abira: Is a Muslim girl name and used more of the time is Quran, the meaning is “Crossing, traveling on the road”.

  1. Aafa: Baby names Muslim for a girl meaning is “Forgiving”.

  1. Aasim: Meaning is “Protector” and first used by the Muslims.

  1. Aayan: Is a beautiful name meaning is “The gift of God” and originated by the Muslims.

  1. Abir: Mostly used by the Muslim and Arabic people meaning is “Fragrance, Aroma”.

  1. Farooq: The person who can make the difference between right and wrong, first used by the Arabic people and the lucky number for this name is “9”.

  1. Mersiha: Is a baby girl name, originated by the Urdu language, the name is beautiful and also its meaning “The most beautiful”. The Lucky number for the name Mersiha is “4”.

Baby Names Muslim

List of Baby Names Muslim With Meanings

  1. Kaveh: First used by the Persian people and the meaning is “With a great character” and the lucky number is “3”.

  1. Ruqqyah: The name of the daughter of beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) and lucky number is “1” used first in Arab.

  1. Armeen: The baby boy name “the best character”, the lucky number of this name is “4” and used in Persian.

  1. Rayan: Is a unique and beautiful baby boy name meaning is “Soft”.

  1. Meerab: Meaning is “The surveillant of water” and lucky number is “1”.

  1. Anas: Anas is an Arabic originated unique and cool name and the meaning of the name is “Lover, affectionate”. The lucky number for this name is “3”.

  1. Aaiza: This is an Islamic name and the meaning is “A gift from God that replace something”.

  1. Maaz: The Muslim baby boy name and the meaning is “the friend of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)”.

  1. Ayyub: The beautiful name of the prophet of Allah that is a very hard worker and patient so this name also impacts to the personality of your baby boy name.

  1. Aasia: Meaning is “hope” a baby girl name.

Baby Names Muslim

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The list of the name that we provide you are Islamic and according to the new trend of baby names Muslims 2018, the Muslim people like these name according to our survey. A new baby is a blessing of God so that the people look for the name that is perfect and suitable for a new baby born.

Updated: October 9, 2018 — 4:05 am

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