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Baby Names For BoysTo choose the Baby Names For Boys out of so many names is a tough work. People want that the Baby Names For Boys is unique short and easy to recognize. The name is your identification from birth to till death so that the parents choose the name of their children with temptation and that is perfect for their personality.To put the beauty in their baby the parents choose the unique name and also underlying the meaning of the name that also impacts on their life.

Here you will get the popular and the new name that is according to the new trend of 2018. The parents of a baby boy want to put the name of their son that is base on a charming character and personality. We predict the name that is unique, equally valuable and popular in all the country. We update the site and introduced the new and pretty Baby Names For Boys that is according to the latest trend. The given list of name is the new, beautiful and cute Baby Names For Boys of 2018 and also their meanings.

Baby Names For Boys With Meanings

Baby Names For Boys


  • Abdi is a Muslim name and that meaning is worshipper or devout person.

  • Aidan meaning “bone fire or Charring” which is the founder of the monastery.

  • Abbas which is the leader of Muslims, the meaning is “Lion”. This name is originated by Arabic.

  • Alfred was originated in Europe and after that America, the meaning is “self-conceit”.

  • Aaric name meaning is “mercy” and begun in English and also Arabic. It is a unique and impressive name and you can find the Urdu and English meaning of this name.

  • Aapo first use in Hebrew and meaning is “Ancestor of all Nation”. Aapo is a different form of Abraham because Abraham has no proper meaning in Hebrew. The father put his name Abraham and so that the meaning fulfill the God promise and the become the father of many nations.

  • Aamir meaning is “Ruler, Full or Popular” and mostly used by the Muslim.

  • Amil is used by both Muslims and the Hindus. The meaning of Amil is “Operative and Effective”.

  • Azam meaning “Great” and first use this name by Muslims.

Baby Names For Boys | Meanings | Unique | Parents- PakNTS

Baby Names For Boys Arabic Muslims

  • Omar this a beautiful name and also meaning. This name is used by American, Muslims, Hebrew, Arabic, and Biblical. The meaning of Omar is “Life”.

  • Ubaid name was originated in Egyptian and Muslims. The meaning of this name is “Helper”.

  • Umar is a Muslim name and the name of Muslim second Caliph. The meaning is also “Life, Long Live”.

  • Ubaidah first uses the Muslims and the meaning is “Servant”.

  • Saad name is mostly used by the Muslim parents and meaning is “Good Luck”.

  • Safi meaning “Friend” is a unique and beautiful name.

  • Zane name is a Hebrew originated name and meaning is “The gift of God”.

Baby Names For Boys

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The above list of the baby names for boys is the most popular Baby Names For Boys on the list of 2018. The name and the meaning are also beautiful. Most of the people like the short and particular Baby Names For Boys. These are the summarized list of the name that the parents of baby boy use for the identification of their children and the good identity also distribute the charming of the baby.

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